Our inaugural edition of the Salon Ludique was programmed around the theme of soundscapes. More than simply a descriptor for sonic environments, this edition of SL featured works where sound and landscape collide, creating interactive virtual spaces which focus on the manipulation of sound.  

SL 1: Soundscapes, featured the work of:

FOCI+LOCI: Chris Burke and Tamara Yadao (New York City) 

   – live performance using 2 Playstation 3’s, various popular games, spoken word, more.

Treating the map editors in video games as virtual sound stages, foci + loci create immersive electro-acoustic spaces with virtual instruments and timed audiovisual events. Saving and replaying digital game data, camera movement in space can be disassociated from time, changing traditional filmic relationships.

For this evening, Chris and Tamara will give a brief talk outlining their practice behind the creation of these virtual sound stages, their relationship to machinima, and level editing tools embedded in games such as little big planet. We will then be treated to a live performance by Foci+Loci, over 2 high definition video projectors.

Devine Lu Linvega aka Alice Effekt (Montreal)

          – showing Purgateus, a mod of Ed Key & David Kanaga's Proteus.

Originally presented by Venus Patrol, Purgateus is a “remix” of the original game. The bright and flora and fauna of Proteus are reimagined as a bleak landscape full of strange shadowy creatures, accompanied by a dark, droning soundtrack. Purgateus reimagines the utopian procedural landscapes of Proteus as a dystopic purgatory, inviting an unquieted exploration.

Bio: “When not drawing or coding, I write music. I had the chance of playing a few shows in Tokyo, Paris, Osaka and New York. I created a synthetic  language which I now use to explain concepts and to create a culture around my illustrations. I also have an interest for game design and interactive art. All the tools that I use fit within a small bag which I carry with me around the world, they include: an Infrared Nikon D3000 and a stock Nikon D90, an old Wacom Intuos 3, an Akai XR20, a Macbook Pro with Processing, Pure Data, XCode and Ableton Live.”

Richard Flanagan (Montreal) 

     – showing, FRACT, first person music puzzle/ exploration game.

FRACT is a musical exploration game. You arrive in a forgotten place and explore the unfamiliar landscape to discover the secrets of an abandoned world that was once built on sound. As you start to make sense of this strange new environment, you work to rebuild its machinery by solving puzzles and bring the world back to life by shaping sound and creating music in the game.

Bio: Richard E Flanigan is a designer based in Montreal with over a decade of experience in design, art direction, user experience & interface, motion, sound design and more.