Salon Ludique 3: Dreams.
February 5th. 7pm. $5. @Espace Fibre 


“I Dream. Sometimes I think that’s the only right thing to do” - Haruki Murakami

We’re pleased to present our third installment of Salon Ludique, featuring an all-Montreal selection of artists. Salon Ludique 3: Dreams takes us on a journey through the sublime, the psychedelic, the languid, the absurd and the fantastic.

We invite you to come, play, and wander through a selection of digital dreamscapes, experience the sensations of alternative interfaces, and engage in critical conversations with creators and attendees about the works.

Featuring the work of :

Kim Hoang, Hamish Lambert, Ben Swinden, and Zach Soares

"Mouffe" is a daydream simulator: while lying down inside a tent and using a quilt as a controller, players set off abstract animations projected onto the ceiling of the tent. It is an interactive art installation that is part-game and part-toy that is equally enjoyable for a single user or a group of friends.

Lie down and experience visual, aural, and tactile satisfaction in a quiet, intimate space. Press buttons, things happen. Relax and Play.

Dream Warrior by Paloma Dawkins with music by YlangYlang  

Montreal based illustrator and animator Paloma Dawkins’ first video game sees her adapt her unique animation style into a dream like explorable game space. Players traverse an  alternate universe of never ending glitching color spectrum in 2 and a half dimensions.

Spacedog by GP Lackey and Bronson Zgeb. 

Spacedog! is an exhibition only Oculus VR game controlled by an AKAI LPD8 where you have to save your truck from intersteller destruction by responding to a myriad of absurd minigames.  GP and Bronson are members of the Montreal game making cooperative KO-OP MODE. 

Live Musical Performance by YlangYlang,
with LIve Visuals by 
Hazy Montagne Mystique.

Ylang Ylang is the musical project of Montreal based Catherine Simone Debard.  Her musical style is self-described as Innergaze organicdrones, stoner noise, ethereal, psyched tribal grlll, post-new-age, textures douces, bedroom lo-fi, landscape dreams.  Her recent album, Am I being Over Dramatic was featured on many best of lists in the Canadian Indie music scene in 2014. We're very excited to have her perform at the closing of Salon Ludique 3.